Residential and Commercial Curtain Cleaning

We have 26 years of experience in dealing with curtains, blinds and soft furnishings.

We make and install made to measure curtains and blinds therefore with this experience also comes the knowledge and understanding of how to take care of different fabrics and textiles and how they should be treated.

At Phoenix Interiors we have been cleaning curtains and Roman blinds in situ for years using our onsite dry cleaning machine.

These methods are the only safe and effective way to clean inside as the chemicals are odourless. Any dirt, stains, grime, bacteria or allergens that have accumulated over time will be removed gently and safely.

After the cleaning process the curtains are then steamed and redressed. The tracks are also serviced and silicone added to make them glide more freely. Any hard pelmets, swags or tails can also be cleaned whilst we are on site.

We offer a free no obligation consultation where we can take a look and advise on whether we can clean the curtains. Honesty is our best policy so if we think we cannot clean the curtains we will tell you.

"Great service. Considerate and professional. The curtains were cleaned beautifully. The job wasn’t rushed. The pelmets and curtains were cleaned at the highest Standard. I will be using their services again. If you have heavy curtains and pelmets this is a great company to use. They take care and deliver a great service." IIa Valhalla - Residential

You do not ever have to be without your curtains as we can clean them on site. However if you are having work undertaken or moving house we provide a ‘take down and rehang’ service. We will come and take the curtains down, wrap them so that they are protected, take them away and store them safely. All you need to do is let us know when you are ready to have hem installed and we will ensure they are cleaned and ready. We will then re hang, steam and re dress so that they look almost new!

Our customers are so happy with the results that they ask us to come back time and time again to keep their curtains in peak condition. By doing this they are giving longevity to their curtains and saving money in the long run as it is far cheaper to have curtains cleaned than buy new ones! We service residential homes and corporate venues and are the preferred supplier to many well known London venues. Discretion is key thereby we will not name companies or venues where requested/appropriate.

"I have rented my house in London for many years. Phoenix Interiors hands down did the best curtain and blind clean I have yet seen. Seriously, old blinds looked fresh again. Not only that, at an inexpensive rate they fixed all issues. A dream clean. Thank you Mathew!" Ceila Wise - Residential Customer, London

Asthma, Dust and how clean are your Curtains and Blinds?

Do you or your child have asthma? We do and we know how much dust around the home can aggravate our son’s asthma. "Because allergens cling to soft surfaces, it’s essential to wash, dry-clean or vacuum drapes, as well as vacuum sofas and chairs to remove lingering allergens, and wash or dry-clean throw rugs. Vertical blinds or roller shades are less likely to accumulate dust than drapes." (National Asthma Council Australia).

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"Thanks for all your help, curtains are looking fab" Emma Woodbridge - Senior Events Manager, Morden Hall, Wedding Venue